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Now available:

1. NTUplace Mixed-Size Placer

2. Interconnect-Driven Multilevel Floorplanner (IMF)

3. B*-tree Based Placement/Floorplanning

4. TCG Based Placement/Floorplanning

5. TCG-S Based Placement/Floorplanning

6. Multilevel Routing

7. Two-pass Bottom-up Routing System

8. Microfluidic Biochips Testcases

9. Obstacle-Avoiding Rectilinear Steiner Tree

10. Multi-Layer Obstacle-Avoiding Rectilinear Steiner Tree

11. NTUgr Global Router

12. Crosstalk- and Performance-Driven Multilevel Full-Chip Routing

13. An Efficient EPIST Algorithm for Global Placement with Non-Integer Multiple-Height Cells

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